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Sweet Secrets Chocolate Reports Continued Sweet Success

February 01, 2018

Sweet Secrets Chocolate Reports Continued Sweet Success

Sweet Secrets, LLC, is pleased to report another year of sweet returns for 2017.  From making hand-rolled truffles for friends in 2007, to provide a range of innovative chocolate-based specialties to top retailers, leading corporations, and a growing number of loyal customers; Sweet Secrets continues to build a solid reputation in the specialty gourmet food gifting market.

“We feel fortunate to have been on the front end of the growing interest in specialty food manufacturers,” says Dede Barnicle, Founding Partner of Sweet Secrets.  “Our products, people, and operations were already in place, so when the market opened up, we were ready to go”.

It helps that Sweet Secrets LLC has established a reputation for having brought something unique and innovative to a seemingly stagnant chocolate market.  The success of The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza with Smash Mallet has sweetened up sales and recognition nationally. By mixing something delicious to eat with the experience of busting it in pieces with a mallet before eating it, has been a “hit”.

“Its hard to believe that we’ve gone from working with hundreds of pounds of chocolate to tens of thousands of pounds in the last 4 years,” adds Terri Kinney, Founding Partner of Sweet Secrets. “We’ve successfully carved out a niche in the market where gifting meets party.  We manufacture and manage all distribution internally. We know our customers and provide them with an excellent product and excellent service. We’re all about the details.”

2018 sales volume is already outpacing the growth experienced in 2017.  Sweet Secrets LLC has an exciting year lined up, including a new product introduction expected to be announced in late Spring, along with packaging innovations targeted to the corporate gifting market set for rollout mid-year.

February 2018

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