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Shark Tank 101

June 25, 2018

Shark Tank 101

Local high school students got a special treat when Sweet Secrets' founders visited their Entrepreneurship class.  How did you come up with a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza? What was it like to audition for Shark Tank? How do you know if you have a good idea? These were just a few of the questions asked by the future entrepreneurs.

“It's so exciting to witness the excitement and creativity among these young students,” says Dede Barnicle, Partner, and Co-Founder of Sweet Secrets LLC.  “A little encouragement and support is all they need to change the world! The opportunity to start one’s own business is only an idea away.”

Sweet Secrets was started when two friends were shopping in the kitchen department, had a business idea, and jotted it down on a napkin at a nearby coffee shop.  Patience, making the most of opportunities, and constant learning are what helped Sweet Secrets grow into a nationally recognized brand.

“When I was younger, we participated in Junior Achievement (JA), which taught work readiness, entrepreneurial skills, and basic financial theory, says Terri Kinney, Sweet Secrets Partner and Co-Founder. “Today, the schools, along with JA and the Small Business Association, help provide skills and resources to develop entrepreneurial spirit among our youth.  Thanks to on-line sales platforms and social media, it is possible to start a business without a large, upfront financial commitment. It’s a good time to be a young entrepreneur in America.”

Sweet Secrets is committed to supporting the communities where we live and work.  Giving where we can make a difference.  Building others so they can make a difference.  As women, and moms; sisters and friends, we are active participants in making our world a sweeter place.  


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