Dear Chocolate & Dessert Industry Award Judges

September 03, 2013

Chocolate Pretzel Pizza ShippingBy now, you have received our entry to the 2013 CADI Award competition: The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza. We didn’t let the fact that it was 100 degrees in Chicago slow us down one bit. Kudos to our great shipper, Lion Logistics, who pampered our product in a bed of bubble wrap and iced gel packs. The Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas made it perfectly to Miami! Now, when you sit down at the judging table, take a minute to look at the artwork that has gone into making The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza. Pieces of crunchy, salty pretzels make up the “crust” of your pizza. Notice how it is held together with a generous mixture of dark chocolate and white chocolate, in some places swirling together to create it’s own work of art. Layers of chocolate goodness including chocolate cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, and colorful chocolate candies are bound together by more chocolate drizzle. For a little flavor surprise, we’ve added the carmelly, brown sugar taste of crushed sugar cones and then added a layer of fun with a shower of rainbow sprinkles. This is when you tell yourself, “This looks too perfect to eat, but I must have some!” Then the Chocolate Pretzel Pizza experience gets even better. . . grab the mallet. . . and break off a piece. Or break off several pieces. Or better yet, break it all in pieces so you can share it! Don’t forget to take some pictures and send them to Okay, so here is where you pop a piece in your mouth. The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza tastes as fun as it looks. Sweet, chocolaty, a bit of salt, creamy cookie centers, the familiar taste of a chocolate candy, the crunch of a waffle cone with a chocolate center, happiness. IMG_1608All the business stuff is in the paperwork that we submitted along with Chocolate Pretzel Pizza. We just wanted to take this opportunity to point out a few of the finer details. We hope you enjoyed our creation! See you at the National Chocolate & Dessert Show in October ! Sweet Regards, Sweet Secrets Chocolate

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