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November 13, 2013

The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is the Perfect Customized Corporate Gift!

The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is the Perfect Customized Corporate Gift!

C'mon! Don't send your customers the usual holiday gifts that get lost or forgotten.  Think outside the tin!  If you are taking the time and resources to send your customers a holiday gift, send something that is fun, unique, and gets remembered.  The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is sure to make a sweet and lasting impression. The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza features a salty, crunchy pretzel "crust", drenched in white and dark chocolate and then topped with your favorite goodies like M&Ms, chocolate cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, ice cream cone pieces, rainbow sprinkles, and MORE chocolate.  Available in several sweet-tooth satisfying sizes, the 9" and 12.5 " pizzas include a chocolate-busting mallet that can be CUSTOMIZED WITH YOUR COMPANY'S LOGO!
  • The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is a perfect gift for sending to offices or groups of people.
  • Unique, new and fun, the Chocolate Pretzel Pizza was recently selected as one of the best new products of 2013 by the National Chocolate & Dessert Industry.
  • The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is a sweet and salty mixture of chocolatey goodness that appeals to almost everyone, regardless of age, gender, or profession.
  • Our products are made by hand, finished to perfection, and packaged with an eye for detail. Our products are freshly made for your order.
  • Customize your gift!  Include your company logo on the enclosed mallet or enclose a personalized note.  Sweet Secrets will work with you to insure that your gift will leave a lasting impression.
ITS NOT TOO LATE!  Email or call 888-690-1336 to review your corporate holiday giving needs. Deadline for ordering Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas with a customized mallet is December 4th.  All other holiday gifts should be ordered no later than December 16th.  Have a list? We'll do the shipping.  Don't panic, just pick up the phone.  Let us help you make a sweet impression!

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