Chocolate Pretzel Pizza for Your Big Game Party!

January 15, 2014

Chocolate Pretzel Pizza There are only a few more weeks until the Big Game! I’m getting excited because the team with my FAVORITE player is still in the running and I’m hoping that they win it all! I don’t follow professional football with the same vigor as college football, but I always cheer for my favorite professional player. My plans for the big game are still up in the air, but I know regardless of if I’m hosting or going to a party, I’m going to be getting a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza in our “Party On” size to share with everyone. It’s the perfect size for 12-15 people which is usually how many folks end up at our get-togethers. Honestly, if I could, I’d like to send my favorite football player a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza! I think he’d really like it. Well, maybe I’d have to send a few. . . those guys are big and I bet they could eat a lot of chocolate. That would be so cool. Wait! I’ve got a better idea. My partner and I could personally deliver a dozen Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas to the team. We could hang out with the guys for a great picture of them enjoying their extra-special-hand-delivered-chocolate drenched-pretzel pizza. OK, perhaps I’m just dreaming. But for now, we will be making and shipping Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas ready to arrive to your Big Game party! Beginning January 19th, you can order a Chocolate Pretzel Pizza packaged in your favorite team’s colors and have it delivered in time for your football party. Be on top of your game!

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