May 05, 2015

[embed][/embed] A house closing is really a big deal. It reflects the culmination of days, weeks, and even months working together to find and finance the perfect property. The relationship between real estate agent, mortgage lender, and home buyer shouldn’t end with the sale. This relationship can lead to many other open doors. While a closing gift to celebrate the end of a fun and, sometimes stressful experience is standard, it’s important that your closing gift be something that is remembered fondly.

Here are 4 easy tips to make your closing gifts a HIT!

1) Be Unique. Coasters and calendars, pens and paperweights are nice, but to be memorable, you need to think outside the standard gift catalogue. Find something that the whole family will enjoy. Something fun and new. Make your gift an event worth remembering. A Chocolate Pretzel Pizza with chocolate busting mallet is fun for the whole family. National Chocolate & Dessert Industry Finalist for New Product of the Year, this cool gift is fun and trendy. See what our customers have to say on Facebook! 2) Personalize your gift. Branded closing gifts create top of mind awareness and actually create referrals and loyal clients. 90.4% of consumers possess a promotional item received in the last year. 89% could recall the advertiser. That’s pretty sweet! Can your engraved branding be tax deductible? The chocolate busting mallet with engraved company logo is a fun and memorable. 3) Choose a company that is successful in representing YOU. You work hard to make appointments, get the paperwork done on time, and maintain the highest level of detail and professionalism. Your gift should be an extension of yourself. A perfect product, packaged with an eye for detail, and delivered where and when you need it. All done with a quick email, phone call or text message.  At Sweet Secrets, we adapt to YOUR work preferences. 4) Find a gift that gives back. Does your gift work for you? It should. No doubt you have spent lots of time and money to build your reputation, your web site, and your social media network. When was the last time one of your clients posted a picture or video of their gift on any of your social media outlets? Sweet Secrets Chocolate has the perfect gift and a track record of generating happy customer feedback for you! Perfect for boosting your reputation and your SEO.

Let Sweet Secrets Chocolate work for you! Contact us or call 888-690-1336 so we can help your closing gift be a HIT!

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