Party On Chocolate Pretzel Pizza


The large chocolate Pretzel Pizza is definitely a party in a box at 12" in diameter and over 4.5 pounds of deliciousness. It contains approximately 35 to 40 two ounce servings. (INCLUDES a special chocolate busting mallet to break up the pizza into bite-sized pieces. It's not only a fun item to receive, it's a blast to break it up and eat. It's the HIT of the party. Contains: a base of semi sweet chocolate and crunchy pretzel pieces, topped with layers of broken sugar cones, milk chocolate M&Ms, chocolate cookie chunks, mini chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and drizzled throughout with white chocolate.

Add a special Smash Mallet

Add a Large Cold Pack if the temperature is over 72 degrees anywhere between Chicago and your order's final destination. Cold Pack is mandatory May through August.