Happy Holidays from Glassdoor

Here's a little something to sweeten up your holidays!  Your specially curated gift includes a collection of unique and delicious treats including:

The Original Pretzel Pizza for One with a mini Smash Mallet  This fun confection contains a base of semi sweet chocolate and crunchy pretzel pieces, topped with layers of broken sugar cones, milk chocolate M&Ms, chocolate cookie chunks, mini chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and drizzled throughout with white chocolate. All our pizza toppings are packed in a cute waffle bowl to hold in all the goodness. It comes with a mini mallet for busting into pieces.  This little treat is just enough to share. . . but only if you want!

Little Jar of Gummy Bears  The BEST fruity gummy bears available. Soft and packed with flavor. 

Little Jar of Saltwater Taffy  Our favorite flavors from Taffy Town. Key Lime and Blueberry