We All Like to Feel Special on Valentine's Day!

January 22, 2015

We all like to feel special!

Valentine's Day Chocolate Pretzel PizzaMy earliest memories of Valentine’s Day take me back to grade school. This was by far, my favorite day of the year. Hours spent making that special Valentine Bag that would sit on the edge of my school desk and collect little notes and candies from my classmates. And if I were extra lucky, maybe even a Valentine card from that one boy who I kinda liked. OR even better. . . . maybe a SECRET ADMIRER! Even when my little bag wasn’t as full as the others, it only took one little note to feel truly special. Especially if it was from the teacher. I watched my children go through this same grade school ritual with the same kind of excitement and anticipation. Although our world has definitely changed since I was in grade school, some things have remained the same. Every one wants to feel special and remembered. A simple card with a silly rhyme, a candy heart, a smile. It only takes one little note to feel truly special. Valentine’s Day is a good day to make someone feel special. Without a reason, and without the expectation of reciprocation. Just because. How about the teacher or mentor who provided encouragement and support, the neighbor who helps shovel your walk or bring in the mail, the receptionist who always has a smile and remembers your name, the coworker who pitches in when you need a hand, the list is endless! We love Valentine’s Day at Sweet Secrets Chocolate! Our heart shaped Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas are made by hand and personally packaged with an eye for detail, just as if you had done it yourself. Your gift message is also hand written. We’d love to help you make someone feel special this Valentine’s Day! Order by Monday, February 9th for regular shipping. Order by Wednesday, February 11th 10am for 2-day expedited shipping.

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