Sweet Secrets Chocolate offers Heart Shaped Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas for Valentine's Day

February 06, 2014

  Valentine’s Day is one our favorite days of the year!  Right now we are beginning to feel like Cupid.  We are loving the heart shaped Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas this year.   They are available in 2 sizes, a little 4” heart which is perfect for one or two to share, and the 10” heart which will easily be enough for several friends or family. Layers of chocolate and pretzelsThe Chocolate Pretzel Pizzas are made with a “crust” of salty pretzel pieces, topped with layers of white and dark chocolate, chocolate cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, M&Ms, broken ice cream cones, rainbow sprinkles, heart shaped sprinkles, and drizzled with more chocolate.  The fun doesn’t end there!  They are heart shaped, and the large one comes with its own chocolate-busting mallet! So leChocolate Pretzel Pizza for Onet those who you think are special know it!  The little 4” Sweetheart pretzel pizza is a great price of $8.  Just perfect for:
  • The neighbor who has shoveled your sidewalk this winter
  • The nice receptionist who always smiles and remembers your name
  • Your “carpool buddy” who has your back
  • Coworkers who make your work day less like work
Have a heart chocolate pretzel pizza The 10” Have a Heart pizza is only $31.50 and makes a sweet and lasting impression. A great gift for:
  • Your special student away at school
  • Parents, in-laws, family & friends
  • Someone special you are looking to impress
  You still have plenty of time.  Order by Monday February 10th for regular shipping.  Order by Wednesday February 12th 10am for 2-day expedited shipping.

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