Sweet Secrets Announces Seasonal Truffle Flavors!

October 16, 2013

truffles-gift-boxAfter fielding lots of requests and taking note of several great suggestions, we have finally chosen the truffle varieties for our seasonal Truffle Collection. As you may have guessed, our truffles are pretty popular and if you wait too long to reserve yours, you may find that they are all spoken for. Here are the details: Reservations have already begun. There is a Truffle Reservation Form on our website, or you can call us at 888-690-1336. Truffles will be ready to ship or pick up (near Wheaton, Illinois) on Friday, November 22nd. Last day for reservations is November 18th. Okay, enough of the business stuff, here are the flavors . . . The Ginger Cider Truffle has a beautiful complexity and is made from dark chocolate and cream with an infusion of ayurvedic tea, cinnamon pieces, hawthorn petals, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. To finish it off, its rolled in crunchy ginger snaps. The Passion Fruit Truffle is an all-time favorite dark chocolate truffle made with 100% Nilgiri black tea (a Southern India palate pleaser), with just the right amount of fragrant passion fruit flowers. Its hand rolled in a bed of white chocolate shavings.Truffle variety The Espresso Bean Truffle is a delicious pick-me-up made with dark chocolate and an espresso bean crème infusion then finished with course sugar and espresso bean topping. The Pumpkin Spice Truffle is a seasonal specialty made with rooibos tea, cinnamon rods, whole cardamom, pumpkin pieces, coriander, and cloves. It is hand rolled in sweetened cocoa and then finished with a pinch of pumpkin spices. The Raspberry Truffle is a perfect blend of chocolate and raspberry. Our infusion features whole raspberries rose petals and vanilla pieces in a South African rooibos tea. A bit of raspberry jam is added to the ganache. The hand rolled truffle is completed with a drizzle of pink chocolate. The Purest Dark Chocolate Truffle is a simply delectable treat made from dark chocolate and cream then rolled in powdered cocoa. Its simple, pure, and distinctive. Sure to delight the palate of any dark chocolate lover. Box of 4 includes Ginger Cider, Passion Fruit, Espresso Bean, Pure Dark for $12. Box of 6 includes one of each flavor for $18. Just in time for Thanksgiving. A perfect gift for your hosts and a delicious treat for the table. And always a special indulgence for you!

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