Sweet Secrets Announces February Truffle Flavors

February 18, 2014

Sweet Secrets TrufflesWe’ve finally caught our breath after a very busy Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t forget about the truffles!  We’re just a little late announcing our February truffle flavors.  Many thanks to all of our truffle fans for sending in your reservations without knowing all the details.  We promise you will love what we have in store.  And, yes, it looks like we will have some extras, so you still have time to reserve a few.

Here are the details: Reservations have already begun. There is a Truffle Reservation Form on our website, or you can call us at 888-690-1336. Truffles will be ready to ship or pick up (near Wheaton, Illinois) on Friday, February 28th. Last day for reservations is February 24th. Okay, enough of the business stuff, here are the flavors . . .

Cherry Insanity Truffle offers a sweet fruit flavor with a little “spark” on the back of your palate.  This rooibos tea infusion features cherry with fragrance of chili peppers.  These truffles are hand rolled in a sweetened cocoa and finished with a sprinkle of chili pepper. “Red Hot” Cinnamon Truffle features the world famous tea that originated in Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  A strong black tea from China’s Yunnan region with whole cloves, orange pieces, and cinnamon oil makes this truffle infusion exquisite.  Its hand rolled in crushed “red hots” and sugar. Angel’s Kiss Truffle is delicious and flavorful, featuring a smooth green tea base with a combination of passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberry fruit pieces and blossoms.  Gently finished with a coating of white chocolate shavings.  Heavenly! Sweet Sin Truffle is made from the most aromatic South African Rooibos variety we have found.  This exceptional tea features rose petals, vanilla pieces and whole raspberries.  When infused with the cream to make the ganache, we just want to be frozen in time. This truffle is perfectly finished with dark chocolate shavings to keep the ganache flavor pure. Raspberry Champagne Truffle is a delicate blend of champagne, raspberry, and safflowers in a Chinese white tea infusion.  This hand rolled truffle is completed with a drizzle of pink chocolate. The Purest Dark Chocolate Truffle is a simply delectable treat made from dark chocolate and cream then rolled in powdered cocoa. It’s simple, pure, and distinctive. Sure to delight the palate of any dark chocolate lover. Box of 4 includes “Red Hot”, Angel’s Kiss, Sweet Sin, Pure Dark for $12. Box of 6 includes one of each flavor for $18. Make sure to reserve your Sweet Secrets truffles now!

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