Sweet Secrets Chocolate Pretzel Pizza

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We All Like to Feel Special on Valentine’s Day!

We all like to feel special! My earliest memories of Valentine’s Day take me back to grade school. This was by far, my favorite day of the year. Hours spent making that special Valentine Bag that would sit on the edge of my school desk and collect little notes and candies from my classmates. And […]

Were Your Corporate Gifts Dynamite Or Duds?

The holidays are over. No need to think about corporate gifts for another 12 months, right? Not so fast. Now is a great time for a little gift-giving soul-searching to see whether you’re an expert giver or need to step things up for next year. Here’s a quick way to check whether this year’s holiday […]

Be The Guru of Holiday Gifts

Everyone wants their holiday gifts to be distinctive, but that can describe any number of things. Who could forget that “one-of-a-kind” reindeer sweater with pillow antlers or the “special” fruitcake that doubled as a doorstop? Gifts from Sweet Secrets Chocolate are unique and memorable in all the right ways because they’re festive, fun, and scrumptious! […]

Holiday Corporate Gifts Made Easy!

Do you break out in a cold sweat when trying to choose the right holiday gifts for your clients, employees or managers? If the “holiday gift decision” is still high up on your to-do list, we have a one-word solution for unique and memorable corporate gifts: Chocolate! Think about it. Chocolate tastes great, it’s easy […]

Customized Corporate Gifts from Sweet Secrets Chocolate

The Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is the Perfect Customized Corporate Gift! C’mon! Don’t send your customers the usual holiday gifts that get lost or forgotten.  Think outside the tin!  If you are taking the time and resources to send your customers a holiday gift, send something that is fun, unique, and gets remembered.  The Chocolate Pretzel […]